ABOUT ME ·')"> Hello!
Wel­come to my new blog!
I have decided to start a new one because I felt I needed a fresh start, so here I am! If you didn’t know I already had one blog, now it’s the time to pay it a visit to see what I have been doing from 2007 to august 2012.
I will be very glad if you decide to become part of this new jour­ney, so, if you don’t want to miss any of my posts, you can sub­scribe via email or via RSS (you can find the links in the side bar)
So, let’s go!

ABOUT ME ·')">

Who is behind Gusosos’ Land?

My name is Raquel, and these are the things I like to do the most: draw­ing, crafts, tak­ing pic­tures and sewing. It is hard for me to stick to just one of them, because I get bored eas­ily, so I change from one project to another with­out even real­iz­ing it.

I am not the kind of illus­tra­tor that was born with a pen­cil in her hand, and that is draw­ing all day long. On the other hand, I am plan­ning new projects and look­ing for new things to do all day long.
I must also say that I have not always been like this, I was the exact oppo­site actu­ally… It was not so long ago that I was not as active as I am now, it is some­thing that has grown on me lit­tle by lit­tle.

ABOUT ME ·')"> I have worked as a graphic designer for some years, so I just can not help to put a lot of atten­tion to details, for exam­ple in my pack­ag­ings, or in the design of my blog and my web­site, etc… It is not just that I can not help it, I really enjoy doing it!

Some years ago, in July 2007, I began to dis­cover the world of blogs, so I decided to have one of my own. At that time I was start­ing to draw a lit­tle more because I did not have a lot of things to do at my work, so I started to secretly draw with­out being noticed.
When the time to give a name to my blog arrived, I knew that I wanted some­thing a lit­tle strange, catchy, easy to find in search engines, but I could not find any­thing I liked.

At that moment I was start­ing to draw 2 char­ac­ters called Boo and Gusoso. Boo was a lit­tle girl with curly hair and freck­les and Gusoso was her best friend, a tiny beast half worm, half bear. (In span­ish gusano+oso= Gusoso)
So I finally decided to use the name Gusosos because I thought it really matched what I was look­ing for, and I could always change it if I ended up not lik­ing it.
And here I am, 5 years later, with the same name, but trans­formed to Gusosos’ Land, because since then I have had to make room for a lot of new char­ac­ters and a lot of new ones that are still to come…

3 thoughts on “· ABOUT ME ·

  1. Muchas gra­cias por apun­tarte Esther!
    Igual es un poco lío, pero te has apun­tado para recibir mis posts en tu mail. Como mi blog ya no es .blogspot, no tengo la opción de seguidores, así que para seguirme ahora hay que hac­erlo así. Ah! y no tiene nada que ver con mi newslet­ter, que es aparte.
    ufffff qué lío!!! jejejeje

  2. Hola!
    Pues ya me he suscrito a tu blog. Espero tus nuevas pub­li­ca­ciones, me pare­cen preciosas.

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