· Productive months III ·

And to finish…

· Secret Project
I have illus­trated a lit­tle story of 4 scenes for a col­lab­o­ra­tion with a mag­a­zine, but I can’t tell you more until decem­ber…
secret III ·')"> · My first solo exhi­bi­tion!
I am hav­ing my first exhi­bi­tion next month at Can­guroVerde (Ruzafa/Valencia) and I am work­ing very very hard. I have finally learned how to shade with water­col­ors, so I am only using that and gouaches. I am soooo excited!!! :)
expo III ·')"> · My brand new port­fo­lio
I began to renew my port­fo­lio a cou­ple of months ago, but didn’t fin­ish until yes­ter­day. I am quite proud of myself because I have pro­gram all on my own with html and css. Go have a look at www.gusososland.com/portfolio
portfolio III ·')"> And that is it!
I hope you enjoyed see­ing what is new at Gusosos’ Land!
See you soon! :)

· Productive months II ·

Let’s con­tinue!

· ACEO’s
ACEOs are minia­ture pieces of art. The acronym “ACEO” stands for Art Cards, Edi­tions and Orig­i­nals. I made a col­lec­tion of 8 that I painted with gouaches, col­ored pen­cils and ink.
aceoA II ·')">

· Girls
I have been try­ing to learn how to use water­col­ors and gouaches, but at the begin­ning I had to mix them with col­ored pen­cils to do all the shad­ing.
chicas1 II ·')"> chicas2 II ·')"> chicas3 II ·')">

· Productive months I ·

I have been a lit­tle absent from here lately, but I haven’t stop doing things. I have a lot of new things to show you guys, and I hope you will like all the new stuff. I am going to try to resume what my life has been since the last post, so take a sit please! ;)

· Stamps
I have enjoyed a lot carv­ing stamps and stamp­ing on fab­ric.
seellos · Super­Sculpey
Also sculp­ing was one of my favorite things to do
portadaOk sandy mascA mascB

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